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GoDaddy Auctions Help

Here's the difference between bidding and submitting offers:

  • Bidding - You can submit a starting bid and specify the maximum amount you want to bid for a domain name. Beginning with $5 more than the current bid amount, our Proxy Bidding Service automatically increases your bid by $5 each time you're outbid until you reach your maximum bid amount.

     Note: If you aren't a GoDaddy Auctions member, you must purchase a membership before you can place a bid on expired domains or 7-day auctions. For more information, see Purchasing a GoDaddy Auctions Membership.

  • Submitting Offers - You can submit one offer amount per domain name. We notify the seller immediately. The seller has seven days to accept or counter your offer. GoDaddy Auctions membership is not required for submitting offers.

 Note: Due to the complexity of conversion rates, you must enter bids/offers using US currency only, even though you'll be able to view the price in your preferred currency.

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